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I love panoramas, as they are so good at capturing the scale of the Rockies.  Here, from February to November of 2018, are my top ten favourites.  It was really tough to pick just ten.  I hope this brings back memories of the Rockies for you, no matter what season you’ve been here.

February: Pipestone Canyon, which I can snowshoe to from our house!

March: Dolomite Peak, on a ski tour from the Icefields Parkway.

April: Glacial “erratics,” near Bow Lake. These things are as tall as two story buildings.

May: Balsamroot in bloom, in the Columbia Valley just west of the Rockies. When we want to get our first hit of spring, this is where we go.

June: Athabasca Glacier, in Jasper National Park. This is an outing with Athabasca Icewalks, and I highly recommend the experience:

July: Upper Paradise Valley, a splendid jewel between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.  That’s Mount Temple on the left.

The same July day: The Giant Steps, in Paradise Valley.

September: Incomparable Lake O’Hara.

September: Nadine and friend Adriana, above Spray Lake in Kananaskis Country, on our way to the Windtower.

November: Our friends Josee and John, skating on Two Jack Lake near Banff. 2018 was an exceptional skating season.