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Our Travelling Hat

We used to wonder if our guests would like a baseball hat as a souvenir. We asked around, and one of our past hikers – Ron from Missouri – was really keen. After every e-newsletter, he would email and ask us, “where are the hats?” Thanks to Ron’s persistence, we finally hired a designer and got our first shipment of hats.

We sent Ron a ball cap right away, and that’s when the fun started! On Ron’s travels, he’d take pictures of the hat, and send us the shots. The hat started with voyages from Maine to Texas, and now, it’s gone global!

When you hike or snowshoe with us, you can buy a hat (in two fabulous colours). Then, when you end up in some lovely location, take a picture of it and send it to us. We’d love to post your photo here. Hats are $30, including GST.