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Fondue with a View

A True Paradise in Yoho National Park

Lake O’Hara is held up by many as the finest hiking destination in the Canadian Rockies. Access to the area is limited, so you can enjoy a sublime landscape without many other people on the trail.

With its spiderweb network of trails to alpine tarns and high viewpoints, Lake O’Hara is worthy of all the kudos. Highlights include wildflowers in early summer, golden larches in September, lakes and watercourses galore, and spectacular Main Range geology. It’s a landscape where the beauty comes in all scales, from tiny lichen gardens to some of the biggest peaks in the Canadian Rockies.

Hiking at O’Hara is challenging, with almost no truly flat or gentle paths. I recommend that hikers have at least a moderate fitness level and some prior hiking experience to feel comfortable there. Trails to the three main side valleys – Oesa, Opabin and McArthur – all gain about 250 metres / 800 feet, and the more challenging “alpine ledges” will test your legs and lungs, with climbs of over 500 metres / 1700 feet.

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