Birding in the Rockies

June 1 to July 15

Join Joel for a birdwatching tour in the Rockies, complete with tips and tidbits.

The feathered fauna of the Canadian Rockies are tough, beautiful, and very creative in their survival strategies. From the end of spring migration to the height of breeding season, our birds are in their best plumage, and their best voice.

In June, there are a lot of migrants coming through, and resident birds are singing and courting. By July, the birds start to quiet down (they switch from courting to breeding and rearing young), so we see and hear fewer birds in July than in June.

Availability and booking

Go to our availability calendar to see open dates and find our booking form. Once we’ve received your form, we’ll call you to discuss details – what birds you are hoping to see, where to go, and more.

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