Meet Your Guides

Experiences You Won’t Find in any Guidebook

Your adventure on the trail is crafted by Nadine Fletcher and Joel Hagen.

While working as naturalists for Parks Canada, Joel and Nadine founded Great Divide Nature Interpretation in 1997. We are award-winning naturalists and Interpretive Guides Association accredited “Master Interpreters,” widely considered to be among the best guides in the area.  

Join us for edu-taining tours that feature an equal mix of fun and learning!

Joel Hagen

Joel was raised on the British Columbia coast, became an amateur naturalist at the age of eight, and eventually studied biology at Simon Fraser University. Moving to Banff National Park in 1992, he found his new home to be the ultimate natural university and thinks it unlikely he will ever graduate.

“Joel, it was truly a beautiful, magical experience. You helped make it special for us. We appreciate your information, stories and your warm entertaining delivery. Thank you.” – the Susins, USA

“Incredible guides – the very best in Canada, with a wonderful sense of humor and a genuine love of nature.” – the Reamans, USA

Nadine Fletcher

Nadine began her career in the intensely creative atmosphere of the theatre. She moved from Nova Scotia to the Canadian Rockies in 1989, and since then, she has put her drama skills and love of nature together to tell the vivid stories of this landscape.

“This was the perfect start to our vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed Nadine’s guidance. She is so knowledgeable and I don’t think there was a single question she couldn’t answer. We could not have had such a great hike without her. Thanks so much!” – the Zullos, USA

“Our girls learned so much from both of you and they had a lot of fun doing so. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.” – A. Kellner, USA