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Regularly Scheduled Shows

Take in one of my fun and entertaining interpretive shows by staying at a Lake Louise area hotel that offers them!

In 2024, I’ll be doing presentations at Moraine Lake Lodge three nights a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Paradise Lodge & Bungalows

Not running in 2024

June – September, 2024
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights
9 pm

My 2024 schedule will be posted in April or May. Some shows may be different, but here’s wha was on offer in 2023:

Rocky Mountain Madness
How would you like to catch the most desirable disease in the world? Rocky Mountain Madness usually strikes with symptoms like Shutterbugitis and Ascendophilia! Join in the fun and find out why the Rockies have always been contagious – now and in the past

The Moraine Lake Beer Show
Moraine Lake is a world class destination… almost. What’s missing is a microbrewery. We imagine what the Moraine Lake Brewing Company would produce for its first six pack, with beers named for local wildlife, the colour of the lake, our fabulous forest, and some of the movies filmed on the Rockpile. With this brewery, we’re “making Moraine Lake world class, one bottle at a time.”

Wild animals are an important part of people’s lives. Every week we celebrate them with #WildlifeWednesday. But, here in a national park, we think every day deserves its own animal hashtag! Discover #MayhemMonday, #SuperHeroSunday and more, get an insider’s look at our local wildlife and find out where to look for animals in the park.