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December 2020

My Favourite Panoramas from 2020

Consolation Lakes from Panorama Ridge

It’s time for my (mostly) annual top panoramas of the year. Panos are a great way to capture the grandeur of the landscape here. May they remind you of your time in the Rockies, or entice you to visit, no matter the season.

March: The Whitehorn Trail, on one of my last tours before the coronavirus hit.

April: the trail to Surprise Pass, during a ski tour above Lake Louise.

July: hiking down from Helen Lake, with a group of healthcare workers.

July: Maligne Lake and Valley, from the Bald Halls, in Jasper National Park. Maligne is the largest lake in the mountain national parks, and is truly magnificent.

July: Mounts Quadra, Fay & Babel, and the Consolation Lakes below, from Panorama Ridge. It took me and my neighbours two tries to get up this benign looking ridge this summer, but the views were worth it.

August: North Molar Pass, 30 km into a 42 km day hike with my “monster hike” friend Hannah. How long does it take to hike 42 km? 15 hours. And you feel it the next day.

November: Bow Summit, where my friend Josee is snowshoeing in pretty deep powder. Winter came early this year: this photo was taken on November 1.