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January 2018

Dateline Banff: Wolf Spotted on Bear Street

closeup of snow sculpture of a wolf

We are in the middle of the Annual “Snow Days” festival in Banff and Lake Louise, and that means wildlife shows up in unexpected places, courtesy of talented snow and ice carvers. Banff’s snow sculptures on bear Street are really impressive this year, and include a wolf, a lynx, and a trio of bison.

Here in Lake Louise, at the Ice Magic Festival, there are frozen bears, wolves and Northern Lights.

The carvings and sculptures usually stay in pretty good shape for a couple of weeks, so if you are in the park, check out downtown Banff or the shore of Lake Louise for some frozen art.

By the way, if you are wondering what wildlife is really showing up on the streets of Banff, an RCMP officer picked up this image of a cougar on his dashcam video a couple of weeks ago.


A year in Panoramas – 2017

panorama of the Ten Peaks above Moraine Lake

Happy New Year everyone, and in what we hope will become an annual tradition, here’s a little look back at 2017, from the widest angle:

1. Lee on the way up the Cataract Valley in January


2. Near Bow Lake in March

3. April in the Pipestone Canyon

4. The Valley of the Ten Peaks in early June

5. Ptarmigan Lake from Packer’s Pass in July

6. Jasper’s Skyline trail in August

7. Mount Whitehorn in September

Then I lost my camera, and didn’t get a new one until the beginning of December…
8. Frozen Hector Lake in December

9. And an oldie, but goodie…