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Lake Louise area birding tours - Common loon

Grizzly bears are even more amazing than you think!


The Clark's nutcracker and whitebark pine have a deep relationship.



Water is truly wonder-ful.


Victoria Glacier from Plain of Six Glaciers trail


Our wildflower walks will make your understanding bloom.


Larches at Lake Louise

Special Theme Hikes - Guided nature tours in Lake Louise, Banff and beyond


"I should have written to you sooner to thank you for such a wonderful day. Our girls learned so much from both of you and they had a lot of fun doing so. We will definitely recommend you to our friends."

- A. Kellner, USA

In-depth Private Tours

Explore a single fascinating topic about the nature of the Canadian Rockies on a full day private tour.

You can:
 Discover the pleasures of birdwatching.
 Explore the world of the grizzly bear.
 Delve deep into Rocky Mountain geology and glaciers.
 Get "wowed" by water or wildflowers.
 Evolve your thinking on relationships in nature.
 Fire up your senses in a blaze of autumn colour!


For prices, booking information and other things you need to know, please refer to the Private Hikes page.

Birding in the Rockies

 June 1 to July 15
 Guide: Joel Hagen

The feathered fauna of Banff and Yoho National Parks are tough, beautiful, and very creative in their survival strategies. From the end of spring migration to the height of breeding season, our birds are in their best plumage, and their best voice.  Join Joel for a day's birding in the Rockies, complete with birdwatching tips and tidbits.

Typically he would take you to a few bird hotspots that feature a variety of species, but he can also tailor the day to specific habitats or birds you are interested in.

Easy full day
Distance and elevation varies, depending on where we decide to go.
Time: 6 - 8 hours, usually with an early start.

Following the Grizzly

 July 1 to September 30

What is better than being face to face with a grizzly bear? Almost anything, but we'll settle for being face to face with where a grizzly bear has been. This day hike through high elevation bear habitat will feature a walking travelogue about the fascinating world of bear behaviour and biology.

Easy to Moderate full day

We will choose the appropriate trail based on your abilities, the number of people in your group and recent bear activity.  We use trails that have bear signs (digging, claw marks on trees), but we reserve the right to avoid areas with active bear presence, depending on the circumstances.  We may be hiking on trails that have official bear warnings or group size restrictions.

Made For Each Other

 June 15 to September 30

National parks are full of big animals, big peaks and big scenery, but behind the scenes there are some astounding partnerships — soil fungus & tree roots, Clark's nutcrackers & whitebark pine, bumblebees & calyspo orchids and many more. If you want to understand the inner workings of nature and wildlife in the Canadian Rockies, this hike to Paget Lookout is for you.

Moderate full day
Total distance: 7 km / 4.5 mi
Elevation gain: 1700 ft / 518 m

The Wonder of Water

 June 15 - September 30

In the shadow of the Bow Glacier, we find water in all its glory — tumbling waterfalls, slot canyons, blue glaciers, braided streams, and beautiful Bow Lake. Here, you'll see how water and ice have sculpted the Rockies, and find out what water and ice have to teach us: they hold data about everything from past ice ages to today's changing climate.

Bow Glacier Falls: Easy full day hike
Total distance: 8.8 km / 5.5 mi
Elevation gain: 500 ft / 155 m

Mountains and Glaciers - A Rocky Mountain High

 June 15 to September 30

A great introduction to Canadian Rockies geology, this full day hike on the famous Plain of Six Glaciers trail features the high peaks of the main ranges, moraines, rockslides as well as glaciers and their handiwork. Join us for a sensational sedimentary sandwich and an edible glacier for dessert!

Moderate full day
Total distance: 11 km / 7 mi
Elevation gain: 1200 ft / 365 m

The World of Wildflowers

 June 15 to August 7

Wildflowers are more than just a pretty face.  Looking more deeply, they tell intriguing stories about beautiful relationships - with the environment, with other creatures and with the people who admire them, people like you!

Take a flower walk with us and explore their mountain world. 

Easy to moderate full day
We will choose the best blooming trail of the week in the Lake Louise area.

Golden Larches - A September Pilgrimage

 September 17 to 27

During mid to late September, alpine larch trees turn an incredible gold, creating a fabulous fall feeling in the high country.  These trees survive and thrive where evergreens are struggling to just get a toehold! 

You will discover the survival secrets of the alpine larch from birth to death, what treeline is all about, larch sex (oo-la-la!), and the story that larch trees tell about past climates.

Moderate to difficult full day
We will send you a selection of trails to choose from.


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