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Hiring Your Own Private Guide in Lake Louise, Banff and the Canadian Rockies


"Back home and back to reality! Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic experience - it was a great day and really informative.  Definitely something to repeat if we're back in the Rockies!"

- L. Devaney & L. Clark, UK

Private Lake O'Hara Hikes

The Lake O'Hara region is a very nice spot in Yoho National Park, but extra effort and luck is required to get there. 

To make an O'Hara booking with us requires a lot of things to line up.  See below to find out more.  And first, you should check our availability.  You'll need to find a day that is open for a new or private booking.

Availability Calendar

A Must See?

O'Hara now has a high reputation thanks to the internet, but we would like you to know that it is not an absolute "must see" - especially on your first trip to the Rockies.  We have so many beautiful places here with similar kinds of features. 

If you exhaust them, then work hard to get to O'Hara! 

Some other very satisfying experiences include: the Valley of Ten Peaks, the Iceline trail, the view from Abbot Pass Lookout or Pope's Prospect, and, Healy Pass or Helen Lake in flower season.



With our service, you hire us for a full day private hike and then we try to go to Lake O'Hara.  We cannot guarantee that it will be our destination for the day.

Lake O'Hara is only available by making bus reservations, which are in high demand.  We use a"one day in advance" quota that is available to guided hiking companies.  It is separate from the public system and we are in competition with other companies for these spaces.

With this quota for commercial companies, we phone the day before our hike together.  There are up to 5 spaces (including guide) available.  We try our very best, but sometimes it doesn't work out.

As you can see, your group must be 4 people or fewer.  This is dictated by the reservation system and is beyond our control.

One way to increase your chances of gettng a bus reservation is to book multiple days of private hiking with us.  We can then keep trying.

If we fail to get a bus reservation, another destination will be chosen in consultation with you.  If this policy is not acceptable to you, we cannot accept your O'Hara reservation. 

2018 Prices
Group of 1-4 People   CDN $499, plus 5% GST
Add bus and reservation fees:
     Reservation fee of CDN $11.70 for the group.
     Bus fees of CDN $14.70 per adult (including guide) and $7.30 per youth 6-16 years.

Add: $50, plus GST for a longer day
if using the 8:30 bus.

A portion of our profit is donated to
wildlife conservation and research.
Email Us      Availability Calendar

What you need to know

You can see our current open days on this online availability calendar.  Cancellations do occur, even up to the last minute.  Please check back for new open days.

 Season for O'Hara hikes: About July 1 - September 30.  There is often snow there in June, but the amount varies from year to year.
Group size limit: Your group must be 4 people or fewer.  This is dictated by the reservation system and is beyond our control.
Full day private bookings only.

O'Hara is a hiking destination, not a sightseeing destination.  There are moderate to difficult hikes to choose from.  All trails there involve walking in rocky, uneven terrain.

Timing from Lake Louise
Regular Bus: 9:45 am to 5 pm - based on the bus schedule.  There is no flexibility in the bus schedule, so we can't be late!  You should be completely ready to go at the specified time.
Early Bus: 7:45 am to 5 pm  - based on the bus schedule.  Add $50 for a longer day.
Warning! Taking the early bus means a very early start for your day, depending on where you are coming from.

The shuttle bus parking lot is 10 minutes from Lake Louise, 15 minutes from Field, 1 hour from Banff or Golden, 80 minutes from Canmore.